Shampoo Cosplay


Photo by Tom Good

I’ve been so behind on blog posts lately! These photos are from a photoshoot the Portland cosplay group did at a theatre in the area. It was nice a break from trying to avoid the rain while taking photos.

I made this Shampoo costumes over the course of about two weeks (mostly working on weekends). This was my first time putting a lot of work in to the wig and it didn’t come out totally perfect. I have a little bit of fixing up that I need to do! I was really happy with how the costume turned out though. I made the top and pants out of a thick stretchy fabric and then added the bias tape for accents. The apron is made out of cotton and it crosses and ties in the back. It’s probably my most comfortable cosplay, so I really want to wear it at some future cons!


Photo by Tom Good

I was really excited about this costume because Ranma 1/2 is one of my favorite shows. I re-watch all seven seasons once every year or so and I’m always just watching episodes randomly when I catch someone streaming it. I would cosplay all of the girls from Ranma if I could but I decided to go with Shampoo first because I thought she would be the most recognizable without a group. Although at Newcon last month I did run into some Akane and Ryoga cosplayers so I’m hoping that we can get a group together sometime!

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  1. Great cosplay, best character.


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